Private movers Venice and Islands

Since 1970, the Pamio Traslochi company in Venice has offered moving services in the city of Venice and its Islands, moving your home's most precious goods and furniture.

Private home removals Mestre

You can rely on our qualified personnel for the execution of removals within the city of Mestre, obtaining a professional and rapid service with unbeatable value for money.

Transfer of artworks and exhibitions

There is no margin of error in such a delicate service. Our professionalism and care turn the transfer of artworks and items of artistic heritage into an art form in itself.

Furniture storage and deposit

We have a large deposit for the safekeeping of your assets that can be stored securely and under the best conditions for short or long periods.

Office and business removals

Pamio Traslochi company in Mestre is able to plan, coordinate and execute to perfection transfers of offices, libraries, archives, entire companies or production centres.

National removals

We organise national removals for individuals and businesses, offering high levels of quality and attention to detail in accordance with the agreed time-frame.

International relocations

Even if the world is round...
WE can reach every corner!

We have accumulated decades of experience in the international removals industry.

Insured removals and transportation

The Pamio Traslochi company in Mestre and Venice offers the largest insurance guarantees through made-to-measure coverage, protecting the value of the translocated goods during transport and all related operations.


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Office in Venezia Castello 3495/96 Tel. +39 041 5235159

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